The Geneva Dancers


C. Anderson

1-8 First and second couple dance a chain progression*, at the end of which second couple return to the side-lines, while the first couple use the last two bars to do a ‘half turn and twirl’ to face first corners. (Second man should be ready for the following 8 bars.)
9-16 First couple dance half a diagonal reel of four with their first corners. First couple pass right shoulders and dance half a diagonal reel of four with their second corners, ending in second place opposite sides.
17-24 Third couple, first couple and second couple dance set and link for three couples – twice.
25-32 Second, first and third couples dance six hands round and back.

Repeat having passed a couple.

This is a dance is on the programme for the Geneva Spring Dance to be held on 28th March 2020.

* Chain Progression
First and second couples turn partners three quarters to end in a line up and down the middle of the dance.
First man and second woman turn left hands one and a half times while their partners dance clockwise to the other end of the line. (at the end of 4 bars, the dancers are in a line across the dance, at the end of 6 bars the dancers are once again in a line up and down the dance).
Second couple and first couple turn right hands three quarters to end on the side-lines having progressed.