Accommodation and Travel

Hospitality and transportation are both offered by Geneva SCDC members, but strictly on a first-come / first-served basis.

To request pick-up and / or hospitality, please email:

There is a bunker (or shelter) in the basement of the Salle Polyvalente, which is available for use as a dormitory. Bunk beds, mattresses, pillows and blankets are supplied, but you will have to bring a sleeping bag with you if you wish to stay overnight. Showers are available. The cost is 5 CHF per night. Not exactly the Ritz, but certainly cheap! For breakfast there is a café nearby in the village (5 mins walk).

Geneva also has a huge range of hotels to choose from. If you are planning to stay in a hotel, beware that major events can make finding an affordable room (on either side of the border) difficult.

For those travelling by car and looking for accommodation in France (usually cheaper than in Geneva), there are hotels in several of the villages along the foot of the Jura, and in Ferney Voltaire.

The Club sometimes has a limited number of rooms reserved on a concessionary basis with a hotel (usually in France). If you are interested, please contact the Secretary.

Public Transport from Geneva to the Salle Polyvalente, Dardagny

It is possible to travel from Geneva Station (Cornavin) to the Salle Polyvalente and back to Geneva via a combination of train (to La Plaine) and bus (La Plaine to Dardagny). It is also possible to walk (20 - 30 minutes) through the vineyards from La Plaine to Dardagny, but the route is steep and best avoided unless you are travelling light and the weather is good.

Trains depart from Geneva Station to La Plaine regularly. Check the CFF and TPG web sites for details.

You must buy your ticket, single or return, at the station prior to departure (not on board the train).

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